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Super-Angebote für Sigma 16mm F 1 4 hier im Preisvergleich bei Preis.de Aktuelle Preise für Produkte vergleichen! Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei This chart copyright Olaf Optical Testing supported by LensRentals.com. Image used under license agreement. Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens. Buy My Recommended Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens Retailers Where you buy your gear matters. You expect to get what you ordered, and you want to pay a low price for it. The retailers I recommend below are the ones I trust for my purchases. Get your. Information about the SIGMA lens 35mm F1.4 DG HSM. SIGMA; Cameras Lenses Cine Lenses Accessories Software Support; Magazines The MTF chart gives the result at the wide-open aperture; Spatial frequency S:Sagittal Line M:Meridional Line; 10lp/mm : 30lp/mm: MTF chart guide. Distortion. Distortion guide. Vignetting. F1.4: F2.8: F5.6: Vignetting guide. Product Lineup. 35mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art.

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I think comparisons to the Sigma 35mm and 50mm f/1.4 Art lenses are appropriate; unless you need to collect the whole set, a lot of people will be picking one from among these. We'll start with comparing the Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art to the 40mm. (For those of you who don't recall, the Sigma 35mm Art is our current mid-range resolution MTF champion. If you own a great 35mm prime lens, it's MTF. The 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM is Sigma's first large aperture 35mm full-frame lens. It was announced November 2012 and goes head-to-head against the equivalent offerings from Nikon, Canon and Sony.A We just finished testing a couple of 35mm prime lenses and came away quite impressed. But it took a little longer to finish testing the one everyone had been asking about; the Sigma 35mm f/1.2 DG Art lens.I declared the Tamron 35mm f/1.4 SP the sharpest 35mm lens we had tested just a week ago, so we were all curious if that title would hold up after the Sigma was tested The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 features a 67mm filter thread, which is the same as the one on the Nikon 35mm f/1.4G (the Samyang 35mm f/1.4 is the only lens in the group that has a 77mm filter thread). Also, the small plate with the letter A shows that the lens belongs to the Art category of lenses that I mentioned earlier in the review

Sigma 40mm f1.4 DG HSM Art. Lensrentals.com, 2019. 50mm f1.4 DG HSM Art. Lensrentals.com, 2019. 85mm f1.4 Dg HSM Art . Lensrentals.com, 2019. 105mm f1.4 DG HSM Art. Lensrentals, 2019. 135mm f1.8 DG HSM Art. Lensrentals.com, 2019 . For a look at all the Just MTF Articles we've done so far, be sure to check them out here. Roger Cicala, Brandon Dube, and Aaron Closz. Lensrentals.com. March. The Sigma A 35 mm f/1.4 DG HSM resolution test was based on RAW files from the Canon EOS 1Ds MkIII. In the case of that camera the decency level is situated near 30-32 lpmm and the best fixed-focus lenses reach as high as 44-47 lpmm. The results of the tested Sigma are very easily comparable to the results of other 1.4/35 class lenses, tested on the Nikon D3x - it happens that the 24 Mpix. The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens is an impressively sharp lens - with very sharp center and mid image circle results even at a wide open f/1.4 aperture. Full frame f/1.4 peripheral image circle results are still quite good, but softer than the center results. Results are slightly sharper at f/2, but the clearing vignetting is the biggest difference noticed by stopping down. Don't expect. My only real message here is that particularly when comparing MTF between the Canon 35mm f/1.4 Mk II to the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art, trying to split hairs and finding a difference between them is pretty silly. There's probably as much difference between two copies of the Canon, or two copies of the Sigma, as there is between the Canon and Sigma overall. Either of those, from purely and MTF.

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  1. Lens Description: The 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Lens for Canon DSLR Cameras from Sigma is the first entry into Sigma\'s Art series of professional lenses, with an emphasis on artistic expression and the creative potential of the lens. With a bright f/1.4 maximum aperture, floating inner focusing system, and Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) you'll have quick and accurate control over the artistic effects.
  2. Sigma AF 35mm f/1.4 HSM DG | A (Art) - Review / Test Report - Analysis : Lens Reviews - Canon EOS (Full Format) Article Index; Introduction : Analysis: Sample Images & Verdict: Tweet: Page 2 of 3. Distortion The lens shows a small amount of less than 1% barrel distortion, which is above average in this class. Vignetting Very fast lenses usually suffer from pronounced vignetting at large.
  3. Introduction You have been asking for reviews of Sigma Art lenses for quite some time now, so I am glad that I can finally present you one of the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art. Let us find out if this is the better choice compared to the Sony FE 35mm 1.4 ZA. Sample Images Most of Continue reading Review: Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art
  4. This chart copyright Olaf Optical Testing supported by LensRentals.com. Image used under license agreement. Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens. Buy My Recommended Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens Retailers Where you buy your gear matters. You expect to get what you ordered, and you want to pay a low price for it. The retailers I recommend below are the ones I trust for my purchases. Get your.
  5. I knocked the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 for its variation when we initially reviewed it, but Sony fanboys will be correct when they get out their pitchforks and claim how I made much more of a fuss about the variation in the Sony FE 35mm f/1.4. In my defense, I'll just point out that the Sigma has a much better MTF curve than the Sony. I'll also add that the Sigma costs $900, the Sony $1,600 and.
  6. Here's what the Tamron's MTF chart looks like next to the Canon 35mm f/1.4L II's test chart: which makes it better than the Nikon 35mm f/1.4 G or Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art, Cicala says. It.
  7. imal aberrations and exceptional sharpness from edge to edge, even at F1.4. A streamlined focusing system, featuring a stepping-type motor and a single focusing element, provide quick, smooth, accurate autofocus response while reducing the overall size and weight of the lens. The new 35mm F1.4 DG DN | Art also.

SIGMA 35mm F1.4 DG DN | Art. Since this lens was developed from scratch, let's talk about the lens design: The new SIGMA 35mm F1.4 DG DN | Art consists of 15 elements in 11 groups, including one FLD ('F' Low Dispersion), one ELD (Extraordinary Low Dispersion), two SLD (Special Low Dispersion) and two aspherical lenses that minimize all types of aberration, including axial chromatic. • The SIGMA 35mm F1.4 Art is reborn, exclusively for mirrorless cameras• Exceptional optical performance• Outstanding level of sharpness• Smooth bokeh• Ultra-fast and quiet AF in a compact body• De-clickable and lockable aperture ring• Customizable AFL-button• Made in Japa The Sigma 35mm 1.4 DG HSM is a state of the art lens designed for full frame cameras but can also be used with APS-C sensors as well. The first addition to the Art category in Sigma's Global Vision, the 35mm 1.4 DG HSM includes new features based around a unique lens concept and design. The 35mm is a staple focal length in the world of photography, and paired with Sigma technology, this lens. Das 35mm F1,4 DG HSM | Art ist das erste Objektiv der Art-Produktlinie. Die in erster Linie auf Bilder mit künstlerischem Touch ausgelegten Objektive unserer dieser Produktlinie wurden speziell für diejenigen entwickelt, die ein kreatives, dramatisches Ergebnis mehr schätzen als Kompaktheit und Vielseitigkeit

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  1. In this video I compare the new Tamron 35mm 1.4 SP vs the older (but still amazing) Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART Lens! The Tamron is larger, heavier and more expensive..
  2. 2015-07-15 Mit der Art-Serie begründete Sigma auf der Photokina 2012 eine neue, besonders hochwertige Festbrennweiten-Objektivserie. Diese umfasst aktuell drei Modelle mit 24, 35 und 50 Millimetern Brennweite, jeweils bei einer hohen Lichtstärke von F1,4. Beim A 35 mm F1,4 DG HSM handelt es sich um eine klassische Reportagebrennweite, die aber ausgesprochen lichtstark, damit aber auch.
  3. Explore the award winning Sigma 35mm 1.4 DG HSM Art and MC-11 Mount Converter Kit. This prime DSLR lens is a class leading lens premium construction and image quality. Now Sony camera users can utilize the 35mm lens with the Sony a7, a7s, a7r
  4. Sigma has published performance data for its 24-35mm f/2 DG HSM Art (pre-order). Check it out below. I also included an MTF comparison between the f/2 zoom lens and the 24mm and 35mm f/1.4 Art. Diffraction MTF Charts Geometrical MTF Charts Distortion Vignetting MTF versus 24mm f/1.4 Art and 35mm f/1.4 Art Be aware that [
  5. MTF chart 35mm. Distortion 35mm. Vignetting 35mm. In the news . One of Sigma's finest creations yet, this lens sets a new benchmark for performance, offering quality that exceeds expectations in every way. Where to buy. In the news ' The new Sigma 35mm f1.4 DG HSM Art lens has build quality and cosmetic finish designed to prime the highest expectations of optical performance. Although it's.
  6. The Sigma 35mm 1.4 marks a significant step up in build and optical quality from previous Sigma efforts, they are really onto something with their Art range and this lens is certainly worth a look even if you've had issues with Sigma quality control in the past. I use this lens on a Nikon D750 and that combination really is a low light monster, if you can just about make something out in the.
  7. g situations. Thanks to its superior optical performance, the lenses can accommodate 50 million pixels and above in full-frame still cameras and meet the high-resolution requirements of leading edge 8K video.

Tawainese repair center NRC has documented the repair of a water-damaged a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art, Full size JPEGs from the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art on Sony A7R Available for Download ; Additional Details on the Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports; Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Issue; Sigma, Canon, Nikon: Battle of the 24mm Prime Lenses (MTF Charts) Sigma Gear: Prices & Stock Price/Stock Info as. Das Weitwinkel-Objektiv SIGMA 35mm F1,4 DG HSM | Art begeistert mit seiner kompromisslosen hohen optischen Leistung Das Sigma 35mm / 1,4 DG HSM Art bei Amazon > passende Köcher & Schutzdeckel : Informationen zum Testverfahren Kommentare zum Objektiv: Derzeit sind hier 6 Kommentare vorhanden: Reiner Brock: Für eine Hochzeit habe ich mir dieses Objektiv ausgeliehen und an meiner 5D MK II eingesetzt. Ich hatte keine Probleme mit dem AF und bin begeistert von der Abbildungsleistung. Allerdings hatte ich es. Das Sigma 35mm/1,4 ist ein erstklassiges Objektiv, das mich vor allem in Sachen Schärfe, Kontrast und Detailzeichung überrascht hat. Das Bokeh ist wunderschön und die Lichtstärke von 1,4 ist bei einem 35mm Objektiv über jeden Zweifel erhaben. Auch der schnelle Autofocus und die Gegenlichteigenschaften sind absolut top. Fünf Sterne

So here goes our first meta review of the Sigma 'Art' 35mm f/1.4 lens. Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM A Sigma have previously had a bit of a mixed reputation. Yes they've had some sharp lenses in their collection , and they also made an occasional lens for Leica, Zeiss Jena, Kyocera and Ricoh, but the general feeling of most people I know was that they were a 'second rate' lens. Sigma; 35mm 1.4 Schärfe. Die Schärfe des Sigma 35mm 1.4 ist beeindruckend knackig. Ich verwende es an meiner Pentax K-1, die den selben Sensor wie die Nikon D810 (36MP) hat. Selbst mit Blende 1.4 ist die Mitte des Bildes gestochen scharf. Zum Vergleich habe ich sehr häufig das alte 50mm 1.4 von Pentax verwendet. Mir kam es jedoch immer so. Sony also offer a 35mm f/1.4 lens, which lack weather sealing and a silent focusing motor, but is still more expensive than the Sigma lens at around £930. Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Verdic Sigma 35mm 1.4 art sharpness and focus test: vicnycphotos 0: vicnycphotos 2 years ago Nikon Z7 with Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art: hariom_digital@yahoo.co.in 0: hariom_digital@yahoo.co.in 2 years ago What filter do you use with your sigma 35mm ? Matias de Sainte Lorette 18: alexanderivanov198 Image resolution (MTF Charts) A wide aperture and useful focal length would only make sense if the image resolution is great. One way of testing the image quality for these lenses is to use MTF charts. These charts help to bring out any visible flaws. The Sigma 85mm f1.4 art lens performs well at f/1.4 on these charts. At f/2, they have a slight contrast improvement. The example of such a.

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  1. The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART lens is more than capable of shooting beautiful portraits and landscapes and at a fraction of the price. Right now, the Nikon 35mm f/1.4 lens is about $1,800 vs. less than $700 for the Sigma. So you're paying almost three times the price for the native Nikon lens. The value of the Sigma is hard to beat considering the image quality is hardly discernible from that of.
  2. An overview of SIGMA's lenses lineup.Here you can find information about the lenses we manufacture - from macro to tele lenses, our prime and zoom lens series and, of course, the latest lenses for mirrorless systems
  3. Das Sigma 35mm F1,4 DG wurde 2012 eingeführt und war das erste Objektiv aus der damals frischen Art-Serie. Dieses Objektiv war für DSLRs konzipiert, die ein entsprechend langes Auflagemaß benötigten. Das Objektiv entwickelte sich schnell zum Geheimtipp vieler Anwender, da es seinerzeit imposante optische Eigenschaften mit einem relativ günstigen Preisschild verband. Erschwerend war, dass.
  4. Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art. Enable javascript for this site to show Retina images, aperture series, image toggles, topics page menus and more. MTF for Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art. Sigma publishes MTF for f/1.4 only without disclosing the type of light or focusing distance and so on. The MTF is worth discussing because it is at odds with what actual performance from the lens delivers when shot.
  5. Sigma is organizing all its interchangeable lenses into three product lines; Contemporary, Art and Sports. Designed with a focus on sophisticated optical performance and abundant expressive power, our Art line delivers high-level artistic expression. Developed with the maximum emphasis on artistic touch, our Art line lenses are designed to meet the expectations of users who value a creative.
  6. The MTF chart gives the result at the wide-open aperture; Spatial frequency S:Sagittal Line M:Meridional Line; 10lp/mm: 30lp/mm: MTF chart guide. Distortion. Distortion guide. Vignetting. F1.4: F2.8 : F5.6: Vignetting guide. Product Lineup. 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art. SIGMA SA-mount Supplied Accessories. Case, Petal type lens hood (LH830-02) supplied. Barcode No. 00-85126-31156-8. Contact Sony A.

The Sigma 85mm 1.4 DG HSM Art is the latest addition to the world renowned Sigma Global Vision Line. Designed and engineered for unparalleled image quality, the Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art employs a completely new optical design and premium components. 2 FLD (performance equal to fluorite) glass elements and 1 element boasting a high rate of anomalous partial dispersion and high refraction achieve a. Thus the vignetting is drastically reduced here. However, at f/1.4 there's a comparatively high mount of light falloff (1EV). The issue is negligible from f/2 onward though. MTF (resolution) The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 USM DG | A delivered stunning results in our full-format tests. The performance in the APS-C scope are still pretty good but the. The first lens that carries the Art tag is the 35mm f/1.4 DG. Sigma already has some experience in building fast prime lenses, a market segment that has not seen much contribution from 3rd party suppliers in the past. Just like their other full frame primes, the EX 50/1.4 and the EX 85/1.4, the new Art lens competes with the original manufacturer's products. Since we're looking at the F. This chart copyright Olaf Optical Testing supported by LensRentals.com. Image used under license agreement. Sigma 105mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens. Buy My Recommended Sigma 105mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens Retailers Where you buy your gear matters. You expect to get what you ordered, and you want to pay a low price for it. The retailers I recommend below are the ones I trust for my purchases. Get your. Sigma selbst spricht bei der Konstruktion des 20mm / 1,4 von einem Höhepunkt der Art-Linie und verweist dabei auf Erfahrungen, die man u.a. mit dem hochgelobten Sigma 18 - 35mm / 1,8 Art habe sammeln können. Verbaut wird ein doppelseitiges, asphärisches 59mm-Linsenelement sowie einige Low Dispersions-Glaselemente. Lt. Sigma sollen so Vignettierungen, Farbsäume, Koma und Verzeichnungen.

SIGMA pioneered the large-aperture APS-C format standard lens category with its famous 30mm F1.4 lens. Now that we have reorganized all our lenses into three product lines, we are proud to introduce the fully updated 30mm F1.4 DC HSM, which offers an angle of view equivalent to 45mm on a 35mm camera The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art received the highest praise from us at Photography Life, Other technical information, including manufacturer-provided MTF chart can be found in the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM page from our lens database. Lens Handling and Build. The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM is built very differently compared to previous generation Sigma lenses - it has a very nice all-metal. The Sigma 20mm 1.4 DG HSM Art is a state of the art wide-angle prime lens designed for Full Frame cameras but will work with APS-C sensors as well. Using over 50 years of lens making experience, particularly the knowledge gained from the 35mm 1.4 Art and the 24mm 1.4 Art, the 20mm 1.4 Art is the widest large aperture Art lens to date. The latest optical design allows for the utmost in image.

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Sigma 28mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art MTF Charts. Previous Next. How to read our MTF charts The blue column represents readings from the centre of the picture frame at the various apertures and the green is. The Sigma 50mm F/1.4 EX DG HSM lens was introduced in 2008, and is available for most major camera mounts, including Sony alpha which is tested here. Sigma went all out and produced a fast standard prime lens that is optimized for center sharpness at F/1.4, (in my opinion) and it delivers the goods, especially when used on a full frame camera

The 85mm F1.4 DG DN | Art is SIGMA's new ultimate portrait lens for the mirrorless age. And with it, SIGMA proposes a whole new world of possibilities provided by this 85mm F1.4 lens for everyday use, thanks to the unprecedented level of portability, free from size- or weight-related limitations

LensRentals.com has completed their first MTF comparison between the Canon 35mm f/1.4L II, Sigma 35mm Art & Canon 35mm f/1.4L. The MTF does show a sligh

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  1. Sigma AF 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM | A (Art) (Nikon DX) - Review / Test Report - Analysis : Lens Reviews - Nikon / Nikkor (APS-C) Article Index ; Introduction: Analysis: Tweet: Page 2 of 2. Distortion The lens shows a vey small amount of barrel distortion on DX cameras. The chart above has a real-world size of about 120x80cm. Vignetting Since the lens is designed for much larger sensors, vignetting.
  2. 2015-07-10 Mit der Art-Serie begründete Sigma auf der Photokina 2012 eine neue, besonders hochwertige Festbrennweiten-Objektivserie, die zusammen mit dem jüngsten Spross Sigma A 24 mm F1,4 DG HSM nun drei Objektive umfasst. Das lichtstarke Weitwinkel ist mit Anschlüssen für Canon-, Nikon- und Sigma-DSLRs erhältlich und will höchsten Ansprüchen genügen
  3. The Tamron 35mm f/1.8 Di VC USD was announced years after (and probably as a response to) Sigma's ART series lens, but it's not a perfect answer to the lauded Sigma lens. Tamron did not match the Sigma's large, f/1.4 aperture with their product, but they did add stabilization, which more than makes up for it in certain circumstances. Which one is better, ultimately? It probably depends.
  4. DSLR users also have few options, but to put things in perspective there are the Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM (£1799), the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art (£599) and the Nikon 35mm f/1.4 G AF-S (£1649)
  5. In part because the MTF charts Sigma's released so far look potentially Sony 135 GM level sharp. Obviously that needs confirmation (and MTF charts are far from everything) but I note that Roger Cicala/ Lens Rentals tests of Sigma's old 85mm F1.4 showed data exactly in line with Sigma's numbers, and that lens was already sharper than any 85 LR tested bar the Zeiss Otis. And Sigma's.
  6. The staple Sigma 50mm 1.4 DG HSM has been redesigned and reengineered to set a new standard for the Art line. With a large 1.4 aperture, the Sigma 50mm 1.4 prime lens is a pro level performer for shooting everything including portrait photography, landscape photography, studio photography and street photography. A Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) ensures quiet, smooth and accurate autofocusing and.

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Sigma 35mm F1, 4 DG HSM Art Objektiv (67mm Filtergewinde) für Sony A-Objektivbajonett auf Amazon.de - Kameras und Zubehör zu günstigen Preise Sigma 35mm F1,4 DG HSM Art Objektiv (67mm Filtergewinde) für Canon Objektivbajonett . 4,5 von 5 Sternen 182. 789,99 € Canon Objektiv EF 50mm F1.4 USM für EOS (Festbrennweite, 58mm Filtergewinde, AF-Motor), schwarz. 4,6 von 5 Sternen 3.803. 3 Angebote ab 407,80 € Canon Objektiv EF 50mm Brennweite F1.8 STM Fokussierung (49mm Filtergewinde), schwarz. 4,8 von 5 Sternen 6.851. 1 Angebot ab.

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  1. Above: MTF Sony FE 35mm f1.8 (left), Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art (right) Above: MTF Sony FE 35mm f2.8 ZA (left), Sony 35mm f1.4 ZA (right) The MTF charts of the Zeiss (designed) ZA lenses from Sony show the contrast wide open at 10 (red), 20 (green) and 40 line-pairs per mm (purple). The computed MTF chart of the other lenses from Sony, Samyang and Sigma shows contrast at 10 lp/mm (red) and 30 lp/mm.
  2. Bereits ab € 639,99 Große Shopvielfalt Testberichte & Meinungen | Jetzt Sigma 35mm f1.4 DG HSM Art günstig kaufen bei idealo.a
  3. Special: Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM ART Lens for Canon EF MFR: 340101. Buy now & save $100. AccessoryType: Lenses, Color: Black. 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM ART Lens for Canon EF . Skip to Search Skip to main content. Equip Your Creativity Shop Rent Trade Print Learn. 800-223-2500. Help We're Here To HelpCall Us at 800-223-2500 Send Us an Email Check My Order Status Check My Order Status Read Our Return.
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  5. Sigma 35mm 1.2 Art DG DN - Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art DG - Sigma 40mm 1.4 DG. Sigma now offers the DSLR designs 35mm 1.4 Art and 40mm 1.4 Art and the newly designed 35mm 1.2 Art for Sony E-mount cameras. Let us find out what the differences between those 3 are and if there is a reason to get one of the bigger, heavier and more expensive lenses
  6. Sigma A 35 mm f/1.4 DG HSM. 12 December 2012. Print Share. Arkadiusz Olech. 7. Coma, astigmatism and bokeh. The coma correction is a strong point of the tested Sigma. In the corners of the APS-C/DX sensor the influence of that aberration is really negligible. In the corners of full frame you can notice some distortions of the image of a diode but they are not so significant to provide a reason.

Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art DG HSM Lens for Canon, Black, 3.7 x 3.03 x 3.03 (340101) $714.95: Zum Angebot : Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art DG HSM for Sony E: $695.00: Zum Angebot: Sigma 50mm F1.4 Art DG HSM Lens for Niko... Sigma 50mm F1.4 Art DG HSM Lens for Nikon: $699.00: Zum Angebot: 85mm F1.4 Art DG HSM for Sony E: $829.00: Zum Angebot: Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art DG HSM Lens for Cano... Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art DG HSM. What is the difference between Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM A and Tamron SP 35mm f/1.4 Di USD? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the camera lens ranking. Categories . Search. smartphones smartwatches headphones tablets. en. Overview Prices Specs + Add to comparison. Home > Camera lens comparison > Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM A vs Tamron SP 35mm f/1.4 Di USD. 87 points. Sigma 35mm. At first, I thought this might be a bad copy, however, based on the differentials of various MTF chart lines, I think it might just be a characteristic of the lens. I'm not an optical engineer, mind you, but whenever I see the lines wobble like that half-way down the chart, I fear for the rule-of-thirds area of the image. Oh, I almost forgot, sunstars! Sunstars on the Sigma 20mm f/1.4 Art. The resolution test of the Nikkor AF-S 35 mm f/1.4G was based on RAW files from the Nikon D3x. A session based on a body of the Nikon D200 with the sensor smaller than full frame was performed independently. The measurement errors ranged from 0.3 to 1.1 lpmm. The graph below presents achievements of the tested lens in the frame centre, on the edge of the smaller DX sensor and on the edge of.

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Their 35mm f/1.4 Art I still think is the sharpest 35mm prime lens made. The 50mm f/1.4 Art is also superb. When I heard about the Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art lens, I had some mixed emotions. I was. On slight stopping down Sigma fares wonderfully. By f/2.8-5.6 aperture range we get MTF results on the level of 44 lpmm, so near the highest values possible to achieve on the Canon 20D. It's clearly Sigma's advantage over the Canon 1.4/50, which was able to reach just 40 lpmm. Nikkor, Pentax and Sony might compete with Sigma in record. The resolution test (resolution meaning MTF50 function) of the Sigma A 105 mm f/1.4 DG HSM was based on RAW files from the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. In the case of that reflex camera the decency level is situated near 30-32 lpmm and high quality, top-of-the-range fixed focal lenses can reach a maximum level of 45-50 lpmm . Not so long ago the resolution record for that sensor belonged to th Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Handling and Features. Those expecting a classic, compact 50mm f/1.4 lens will be taken aback by the size and weight of this optic. It tips the scales at 815g, is.

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Das Sigma 35 mm f / 1, 4 ART DG HSM Canon AutoFocus ist ein Weitwinkelobjektiv aus der ART - Kollektion von Sigma. Das Objektiv besteht aus thermisch stabilem Verbundmaterial, wodurch es gegen Temperaturänderungen beständig ist. Neben spezi... Mehr. Sigma 35mm 1:1,4 DG HSM für Canon. Mit seiner kompromisslos hohen optischen Leistung wird das 35mm - Weitwinkelobjektiv Profi - und. For me, though, even though the bokeh isn't as good as the f/1.2 version, I love my Sigma 35/1.4 Art. One interesting thing Roger's tests show is that the Sigma f/1.4 is actually sharper than the f/1.2 when both are wide open. Sure, stopping the f/1.2 down to f/1.4 for equal light, the f/1.2 jumps ahead, but still..given how good the f/1.2 version is wide open, it shows still how good the f/1. Seems like it does what they claim. My Sigma Art 35 1.4 looks somewhat like the 40mm in the corners perhaps a little worse. I think the trick of compromising centre focus for better corner shapes can work. A bit hard to be repeatable though so you'd have to take care not to change the focus when using it. Greg

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Tamron SP 35mm f/1.4 Di USD (F045) Performance. Looking at sharpness, this is clearly of a high order, being excellent centrally from f/1.4 right through to f/11, and still very good at f/16 The Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens is the new exceptional standard, standard prime. Photography Life Review Summary: Overall, the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art has a good balance of optical performance, features and price in my opinion. The only real disadvantage that I can think of is its large size and weight, but at the same time, I also understand that it. Das Digitalkamera-Magazin mit unabhängigem Testlabor und tagesaktuellen News, Galerie, aktueller Digitalkamera- und Speicherkarten-Marktübersicht, Datenblätter

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Above: MTF Sigma 40mm f1.4 Art (left), Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art (right) The MTF charts of the Zeiss (designed) lenses from Sony show the contrast wide open at 10 (red), 20 (green) and 40 line-pairs per mm (purple) Verkaufe mein Sigma 1.4 35mm Art für Nikon F wegen Umstieg auf Sony E. Es wurde bisher an einer... 475 € 76863 Herxheim bei Landau/ Pfalz. 07.04.2021. Sigma ART 35mm F1.4 DG für Canon EF *top* Verkaufe wegen Systemwechsel mein Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG der Art-Serie für Canon EF. Der Zustand ist... 550 € VB. Versand möglich. 66111 Saarbrücken- Mitte. 07.04.2021. Sigma 35mm f1,4 (Art) Canon. I own the Sigma 35mm and 50mm f/1.4 Art lenses which are both are superb lenses but they simply cannot compare to my Otus 85mm or the 55mm. Those who said that they are different tools are right. When I need optically good lenses with AF, I use Sigma Art lenses and when I'm being creative and AF is not an issue, I use the Otus and sometimes my Canon 85mm f/1.2L II when my subject is not. 6. Das 35 1.4 als Arbeitstier. Folgende Statistik zeigt den Nutzungsgrad je Objektiv, anhand der finalen Bilder einer Hochzeitsreportage. Wie du sehen kannst, habe ich zu 72% mein Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART benutzt. Gefolgt vom 85 1.4 mit 16% und 24 1.4 mit 12%. Ein einziges Foto von den Ringen habe ich mit meinem Makro Objektiv gemacht

Sigma AF 35mm f/1.4 HSM DG A (Art) - Review / Test ..

Sigma 85mm / 1,4 DG HSM Art im Test: Sigma 85mm / 1,4 DG HSM Art im Test Sigma baut mit einer lichtstarken Portraitlinse sein Portfolio weiter aus und liefert jetzt ein vollformatkomptibles 85mm / 1,4 Art. Ob es dem von der Abbildungsleistung exzellenten Ruf der Art-Serie gerecht werden kann, zeigen wir im Test! Fazit - Technische Daten - Rangliste - Links -. I used to shoot the previous 85 1.4 on a D800 and then the 35mm Art Lens. Sigma lenses were better (for me) than Nikon's own. The Price difference just made it easier. I shoot Fuji now. I wish Fuji would open up their mount and let Sigma in to be frank. Fuji's lenses are great, but if we could get [versions] of the Art Lenses to go on the front. Above left: Zeiss Otus 28/1.4 MTF at f1.4, right: Sigma 24/1.4 Art MTF at f1.4. These charts show the lens-performance at the largest aperture. Higher values are better and the closer the dotted and the continuous lines of each color are together the less astigmatism (= resolution depends on the orientation of the test-pattern) the lens has. The x-axis displays the distance from the optical. Das SIGMA 40mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art ist SIGMAs erstes Objektiv, das ursprünglich als Cine-Objektiv entwickelt wurde, um den in der Branche gefragten Bildwinkel und den hohen Leistungsstandard zu liefern. Diese neue Herangehensweise, zunächst die Qualität für professionelle Ausrüstung für Bewegtbilder zu gewährleisten, verhilft dem Objektiv auch zum Durchbruch als Wechselobjektiv im Bereich.

The 30mm f/1.4 DC HSM Art lens from Sigma is among one of these that is meant be an all-purpose fast prime, for those needing a lens with excellent sharpness and great low light capabilities. I put the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 through its paces and have a feeling you will be well pleased. Build Quality. Being part of Sigma's well regarded Art line of lenses, I expected the 30mm to be highly refined. Initial MTF charts provided by Canon showed improvements in resolution and sharpness over the old 35 F1.4, and the Sigma 35 F1.4 Art as well. Once a copy landed in our hands, we decided to test these claims. Sharpness . These shots were all focused wide-open in Live View on the bottom of the Space Needle, and shot within a few minutes of each other with the cameras white balance setting on. You might think the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM lens is just another rumors talked about early today.While a breaking news from Sigma that they confirmed the this super f/1.8 zoom lens. Now this 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Art lens is just a new lens at Sigma's Art line. Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM lens now officially announced, and is designed for APS-C DSLRs

The only condition of this group is to send pictures taken with the new Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM Since introducing its first SIGMA Global Vision F1.4 lens in 2012, the 35mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art, SIGMA has been adding wide-aperture F1.4 options to the lineup. Now, with the introduction of the new 105mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art, SIGMA offers a total of nine lenses with F1.4 brightness, including six for full-frame cameras and three for APS-C cameras Lichtstarker Klassiker für die Reportage. Die Sigma-Art-Serie legt ihren Fokus auf lichtstarke Festbrennweiten mit exzellenter Abbildungsqualität.Den Grundstein zu dieser erfolgreichen Produktlinie hat das Sigma 35mm f1.4 DG HSM Art gelegt, ein gemäßigtes Weitwinkel mit einer großen Blendenöffnung von f1,4. Aus kurzer Aufnahmedistanz setzt es das Hauptmotiv sehr plastisch in seinem. Das Sigma Sigma 20 mm 1,4 DG HSM Art ist ein wahrer Klopper: Fast ein Kilogramm drückt es auf die Waage und misst bei einem Durchmesser von neun Zentimetern fast 14 Zentimeter in der Länge. Man bekommt für seine 1.000 Euro, die man für die Festbrennweite auf die Ladentheke legen muss, also einen ordentlichen Gegenwert in die Hand; dazu gehört auch eine passende Objektivtasche. Die.

Sigma 18-35mm f/1Tamron 35mm f/150mm F1The Sigma DG A 105 mm f/ 1Sigma 24mm 1Sigma 35mm f/1

The 85mm F1.4 DG DN | Art weighs in at 630g with a filter size of 77mm and a body length of 94.1mm, making it far smaller and lighter than SIGMA's original 85mm F1.4 Art lens, which weighs 1,215g*. Designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras, it breaks the usual 85mm F1.4 mould by combining a very large lens diameter, superb optical performance and a lightweight and compact body MTF chart. 18mm. 35mm. Distortion. 18mm. 35mm. Vignetting. 18mm. 35mm. In the news. Image quality until now found only in a fixed focal length lens. The definitive large-aperture APS-C format standard zoom lens . Where to buy. In the news ' In the field the biggest plus-points were the ability to take pictures in low-light conditions and the eye-catching nature of the close-range pictures. Sigma 24-35 ART - Umfangreicher Test vs 24 1.4 ART + 35 1.4 ART. Wenn ich Hochzeiten fotografiere ist es umständlich und manchmal unmöglich, wenn ich zwischen meinem 24mm Objektiv und 35mm Objektiv wechseln muss. Stattdessen muss ich manchmal das 24mm drauf lassen und später in der Nachbearbeitung das Bild beschneiden Sigma liefert immer mehr Art-Objektive mit Sony-Anschluss aus. Das 880 Euro teure Weitwinkel liefert in der Bildmitte schon bei Blende 1,4 sehr gute Werte und ab Blende 2,8 Top-Kontrast. Zu den Rändern ist der Randabfall deutlich, aber für 20 mm ok und bei Blende 2,8 deutlich moderater als bei Blende 1,4 - empfohlen. Nur der AF arbeitet. Hallo YouTube, hallo Welt,herzlich willkommen zum Praxistest des Sigma 20mm f1.4 ART Objektivs.Ihr habt richtig gehört, Sigma hat ein neues Superweitwinkelob.. Above: MTF Sony FE 35mm f2.8 ZA (left), Sony 35mm f1.4 ZA (right) The MTF charts of the Zeiss (designed) ZA lenses from Sony show the contrast wide open at 10 (red), 20 (green) and 40 line-pairs per mm (purple). The computed MTF chart of the other lenses from Sony, Samyang and Sigma shows contrast at 10 lp/mm (red) and 30 lp/mm (green) wide open without influence of diffraction. Higher values.

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